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Why We Celebrate International Children’s Day

International Children’s Day, a historical event that dates back to 1856, is celebrated each year on June 1. Today, protecting and advocating on behalf of children remains a top priority for the global community. RISE Services, Inc. is dedicated to transforming the lives of children and their families through personalized services performed by our compassionate teams. We invite you to look at how International Children’s Day came to be, what other organizations are doing for children, and how RISE Services, Inc. currently supports children and their families throughout the country.

Why We Celebrate International Children's Day

Issues Affecting Children

When International Children’s Day was officially pronounced at the 1925 Conference for the Well-being of Children, the goal was to increase awareness of concerns and problems facing children of that day. Several international communities at the conference recognized that “mankind owes to the Child the best that it has to give” and adopted the 1924 Geneva Declaration of the Rights of the Child. These five fundamental rights, as stated in the declaration, became the driving force behind what is now International Children’s Day.

From there, the United Nations introduced the Declaration of the Rights of the Child in 1959, reaffirming the 1924 declaration and establishing 10 principles that led to the widely-ratified international human rights treaty in 1989, the Convention of the Rights of the Child. 

Protecting the Rights of Children

In addition to the yearly observance of International Children’s Day, there are several national and global organizations and campaigns that raise awareness for children’s rights and take actionable steps on behalf of children around the world. Two campaigns in particular — the International Day for Protection of Children and Universal Children’s Day — were instrumental in campaigning for additional children’s rights, such as these:

  • Ending child labor and promoting the adoption of child labor laws 
  • Defending their right to participate in family, cultural, and social life
  • Protecting them from harmful influences
  • Promoting valuable mental health care, treatments, and services
  • Changing the way children are viewed and treated 
  • Ending racism and discrimination against children worldwide

How RISE Advocates for & Supports Children

RISE Services, Inc. is proud to be a part of this historical celebration by raising awareness and advocating for the life of each child we serve. Here are a few ways we support and provide growth opportunities for children, and their families, with developmental and intellectual disabilities:

  • Foster care services provide secure, loving homes for children while their biological families create safe home environments in which they can return
  • In-home and community services based on the Positive Behavior Support theory use an evidence-based approach to bring about positive changes
  • After-school and summer programs provide children with safe and fun recreational activities for skill development and behavioral support
  • Independent living services support youth or young adults, typically 14-21 years of age, who are in foster care, have aged out of foster care, or have a permanent home

We Are Committed to Protecting Children’s Rights

We invite you to celebrate International Children’s Day with us by advocating for and supporting a child or children in your community. To learn more about our culture and values and to discover the professional services available where you live, contact us or check out our locations page. 

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