Acumen Fiscal Agent

Member, National Association of Fiscal Agents and Intermediaries

Self-Directed Services & Supports

Many individuals and their families want to have total control over the supports and services they receive. Others choose a provider agency because being an employer is not for everyone. Still others want the flexibility to mix and match support options as their needs change. Acumen Fiscal Intermediary can help you choose the right combination ofsupports for yourself or your loved one.

Founded in 1995, Acumen is the nation’s oldest, largest, and leading Fiscal Employer Agent (also known as a fiscal intermediary). Acumen’s experienced and professional staff specializes in helping individuals, guardians, and caregivers take charge of supports they receive, and relieves them of many administrative details. Acumen also offers a complete array of accounting and other services for companies in the social services field.

Therapy for Developmental Disabilities, LLC

Looking for a Pediatric Therapist? Therapy for Developmental Disabilities, LLC provides Pediatric Occupational, Physical, and Speech therapy.

As Pediatric Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapists, we pride ourselves in being able to offer therapy services in the natural environment as well as clinic setting to best meet the needs of the family.

Our staff is committed to providing outstanding care for your child in combination with your primary care physician and other involved community service agencies. We work closely with your family to address your needs and to incorporate your goals in developing and implementing your child’s treatment program to give him/her the greatest opportunity to succeed.

Direct care innovations

Direct Care Innovations (DCI) is a healthcare technology company that creates business management platforms for providers and government agencies in the Medicaid, Medicare, and Managed care markets. We believe our innovation can create a better future for Direct Care workers and the people they support. Our vision is to design systems that enable government agencies to eliminate fraud and abuse while empowering providers to put more money into the hands of Direct Care Workers.

Orange socks

No one in this entire world knows how you feel.

Isn’t this the way you explain the fear and loneliness when first receiving the sudden knowledge that your child will be born with a disability or that your young child was diagnosed with one? Didn’t you notice the profound effects that began to take shape around you and your family when you heard the very word disability? The blessed part and the sad part of it all is that many do know exactly how you feel. There isn’t a day that some parent must face this journey, and like you, feel that every step they take, they take alone.