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How to Prepare Your Resume When Applying for a DSP Role

The Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) at RISE Services, Inc. are an integral part of what we do — creating opportunities for and with people. Without these essential workers, we could not provide the services and care we do for individuals living with developmental or intellectual disabilities. As you look through our various job listings, consider the tips below for preparing your resume when applying for a DSP role with RISE Services, Inc.

How to Prepare Your Resume When Applying for a DSP Role

Review the Job Description

Before writing a cover letter or completing your online application, read through the job description. We have many DSP positions available in a wide variety of settings. Our residential DSPs work with individuals and their families in their own homes or with residents in a residential home setting. We have openings for Day Support Activities (DSAs) to help residents engage in different activities and grow their social network. You can tailor your resume and cover letter to include skills and experience that relate to the job for which you are applying.

Write a Brief Professional Summary

A professional summary is simply a one or two-sentence statement that highlights your work experience. It’s a great way to showcase your qualifications and professional goals. Even if you’ve never worked as a DSP before or you’re changing careers, it’s a good idea to mention any relevant skills or experience you have as well as your desire to work within the RISE Services, Inc. community.

Here’s an example of a professional summary: Recent university graduate motivated to work with individuals living with developmental disabilities and to make a positive difference in their lives.

Add Work or Volunteer Experience

When listing your work or volunteer experience, focus on what you achieved more than the tasks you completed. Let’s say you worked at an after-school program and one of the tasks was to help children with their homework. Consider stating it like this: Worked with children to complete their daily assignments by helping them solve homework problems, study for spelling quizzes, and understand reading assignments.

Make sure you mention recent work or volunteer experience, even if it seems unrelated to being a DSP. Often, skills learned at previous jobs are transferable to DSP positions with RISE Services, Inc. Learning to follow directions, manage your time at work, or help people solve problems, are a few of the many skills we value. 

Focus on Your Skills & Personal Abilities

We are glad to have employees with various skill sets and abilities. Whether you learned specific skills throughout your professional career, while attending a university, or at your part-time summer job, we want to learn more about you and how your abilities can support our mission. List skills you’ve learned or received training for, such as conflict resolution, medication management, or digital documentation. Also, make note of your personal characteristics and abilities that can be of benefit in a DSP role, such as adapting quickly to new situations, being a team player, or having a positive attitude.

Include Any Education

Be sure to include any education you’ve received whether at school, previous careers, or community classes. Also, include any education or certifications you are currently completing. List the degree or certification you received along with the university or organization where you studied. Include the field of study you focused on and any honors or commendations you received. If any of your education is related to the job for which you are applying, be certain to list it in this section. 

Begin Your Career with RISE

We look forward to having you as a part of our amazing team. Take a look at our current job listings to find a position that fits your skills, abilities, and lifestyle. Visit our locations page to discover what jobs are available in your area, or contact us today for any questions you may have about working at RISE.

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