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What Makes a Great DSP?

At RISE Services, Inc., we have some of the best Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) working with the children and adults we serve. Our DSPs are on the front lines of helping, teaching, and supporting individuals living with developmental disabilities. If you’re looking for a flexible schedule and meaningful employment, consider becoming a DSP with RISE Services, Inc. Keep reading to learn more about what makes our DSPs absolutely amazing. 

What Makes a Great DSP?

Reliable & Dependable

When working with people living with developmental disabilities, it’s important to be a dependable team member. We understand that life happens and there are times you may need to take a sick day or some personal time. As you develop relationships with those you serve, they come to rely on you — not only for your assistance but for your companionship and friendship, too.

Caring & Compassionate

If you are a caring and compassionate person who enjoys helping others, then you are exactly what we’re looking for here at RISE Services, Inc. There are many skills we can teach our DSPs, such as how to manage medication, how to be a job coach, or how to teach parenting skills. What can be more difficult to teach are personality traits, like having a kind and understanding spirit with the children and adults we serve.

Detail & Task-Oriented

Another vital skill that makes a great DSP is the ability to pay attention to details. It’s essential to have this skill, especially when counting out medication, coaching individuals in various life skills, or taking individuals with disabilities to a community event. All of these activities, and more, need to be handled in a way that keeps those we serve safe, comfortable, and engaged.


A fantastic DSP is also a person-centered individual. Whether you would prefer working in one of our group homes or working one-on-one with an adult while teaching them how to manage their money, a DSP understands that supporting the individual they’re working with is the most important part of their job. Part of this involves picking up on any of their personal cues and knowing how to respond in a variety of circumstances. 

Join the RISE Team

We are always looking for caring, reliable, and person-focused people to join our amazing team. RISE has DSP positions in a wide range of environments from group homes and family support services to day support activities and community-based programs. Contact us today or visit our careers page to learn more.