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5 Qualities We Love in Our Direct Support Professionals

February is upon us, and that means love is in the air. During Valentine’s Day, we celebrate our sweethearts by treating them to flowers, chocolates, and a date night for dinner. At RISE Services, Inc., we’d like to celebrate our direct support professionals (DSPs) and show them some love, too. If you’re considering becoming a DSP, here are five qualities you should have when working with the individuals we serve.

5 Qualities We Love in Our Direct Support Professionals

1. Compassionate

One of the best things we love about our DSPs is their compassion for serving individuals with developmental disabilities. They believe in our mission to transform the lives of the people we serve as well as their families. Working with people requires compassion and patience, but it also requires a kind and understanding spirit. If you find yourself looking for a career where you are actively encouraged to be compassionate, caring, and understanding, RISE Services, Inc. just may be the place for you. 

2. Helpful

DSPs who work at RISE Services, Inc. assist the individuals we serve in all aspects of daily living. Sometimes that means helping them manage their medication, fill out a job application, cook a light dinner, or use public transportation. Being helpful in these areas is not necessarily about doing these tasks for them, but helping them as they learn to perform these kinds of daily responsibilities on their own.

3. Dependable

Another thing we love about our DSPs is how dependable they are in serving the individuals they work with. We understand that life is unpredictable and unexpected issues can occur at any time. With that in mind, we are proud of the dependability of our DSPs. The individuals we serve become their friends and come to expect our DSPs to be there at their scheduled time. We appreciate that our DSPs take note of this and do their best to be reliable for the individuals they serve.

4. Team Player

If you choose to join us at RISE Services, Inc., you’ll soon find out that our DSPs are team players. They wear many hats and play a variety of roles like teaching, cleaning, cooking, and assisting. However, their most important role is being a friend. The individuals and groups we serve need compassionate and understanding friends who can celebrate their personal victories and help them move forward toward reaching their goals

5. Empowering

At RISE Services, Inc., we love that our DSPs understand that empowering the individuals they work with is key to transforming their lives. Our main focus is to create opportunities for and with people who are living with developmental disabilities. By offering various opportunities to learn and grow, we are empowering individuals to live dignified and more independent lives. Not only does this give our participants a meaningful sense of self-worth, but it also encourages their families as they see their loved ones moving toward independence each and every day.

Choose a Career Worth Earning

If you are a compassionate person who enjoys working as part of a team to empower individuals living with developmental disabilities, we would love to have you as part of our amazing DSP team. Whether you’re just graduating college or are looking for a career change, apply to join RISE today. Visit our Careers page or contact us to learn about the opportunities that are available in Arizona, Idaho, Oregon, and Utah.