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Why You Should Hire an Adult with a Disability

Why You Should Hire an Adult with a Disability

When many people think of hiring adults with disabilities, the obstacles involved often come to mind first. Here are some items to consider, though, when looking to take on the next member of the team:  

Assume Nothing

People with disabilities are just that – people. As such, all the elements of individuality apply, with the addition of whatever disability issue the person is dealing with. In most cases, individuals, especially those who have physical issues, have already figured out how best to handle their situations. When it comes to people with invisible disabilities, their adaptations may not be as obvious as, for example, a wheelchair or crutches. The best course of action is to ask what and what kind, if any, of accommodations a person might need in order to do the job. Sometimes, no accommodations are needed.  

Full- or Part-time

Some people with disabilities cannot work a full work week. This makes them especially well suited for part-time jobs. In addition, benefits work differently in these instances.  

Strengthened Diversity

Most organizations would benefit from more variety among the folks involved in both their day-to-day and strategic longer-term operations. Adults with disabilities provide points of view that can add to the logistical, strategic, and practical aspects of running the businesses they are included in. Just by virtue of having a disability, a person has often developed a “thinking outside the box” approach to problem-solving. This mindset can be useful to many organizations, offering more creative solutions to any issues that may arise.  

Higher Retention Rate

People who have disabilities may have dealt with a number of challenges before or during the job-search process. As a result, they may be less likely to leave a job once they secure it. This can reduce job turnover, which for the average employee can run from 16 – 75% of annual salary. Actual numbers vary by organization and industry, but anything a company can do to address the situation is a plus for the company.  

Tax Benefits

Since the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 1990, companies may qualify for tax benefits when they provide individuals with disabilities to get the “reasonable accommodations” to the work environment adaptations they may need in order to do the job they have been hired for. The federal government provides a number of publications covering most aspects of the ADA and its applications to the work environment. Individual and specific tax questions, however, need to be addressed by an appropriate tax professional.   Hiring adults with disabilities has a number of advantages for both the individual and the organization who decide to partner their resources. Between enhanced creativity, tax benefits, and higher retention rates, people with disabilities may turn out to be a great investment for a company. RISE is a registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization devoted to helping individuals with all aspects of their disabilities. Just some of the offered services include housing, assistance (at all levels of care) with activities of daily living (ADLs), early intervention strategies, physical and occupational therapies, job-hunting assistance, mental health services, financial management, and transportation assistance. Contact RISE at one of our 25 locations, or visit our website at for more info.