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The Importance of Inclusion for Individuals Living With an I/DD

RISE Services, Inc. is looking for individuals who live with intellectual or developmental disabilities (I/DD) to be on our Board of Directors. We believe it’s important to have an inclusive leadership team that welcomes, respects, and values individuals with I/DD – who can move our agency forward as we create opportunities for and with the people we serve. Why is inclusion important at RISE Services, Inc.? Let’s look at three positive benefits of fostering an inclusive environment for individuals with I/DD.

The Importance of Inclusion for Individuals Living With an I/DD

1. Inclusion Supports a Positive Self-Image

Inclusion does more than accept and listen to individuals living with I/DD. It supports positive self-esteem among them and increases their sense of worth and purpose. When individuals are welcomed as valuable contributing members of a group, regardless of their differences, they are given opportunities to realize their full potential. An inclusive atmosphere can help build confidence in individuals with I/DD and encourage them to accomplish more than they ever thought they could.

2. Inclusion Fosters Empathy in Others

Empathy is not about feeling sorry for other people but rather the ability to understand and share another person’s feelings. It can be difficult to understand the various struggles and challenges of someone who lives with an I/DD. By spending time together in a group, at work, or in a community, individuals can learn what everyday life is like for individuals with disabilities and develop a personal understanding of how living with a disability has changed their lives.

3. Inclusion Provides a Sense of Purpose

For people living with a disability, inclusion can provide a great sense of purpose and accomplishment. Not only does it open up career opportunities, but it also allows individuals to belong to something bigger than themselves. Some people with disabilities may feel anxious or uneasy about trying something new, like volunteering in their community or contributing to a project at work. Actively promoting an inclusive environment encourages individuals living with I/DD to share their skills and talents and belong to something much bigger than themselves.

Get Involved with RISE Today

If you or someone you know is interested in being a RISE Services, Inc. Board of Directors member, send your nominations, letters of interest, and resumes to We invite you to learn more about RISE and how we serve individuals living with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Contact us today for any questions about RISE or our board member positions.

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