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How to Prepare for an Interview with RISE Services, Inc.

At RISE Services, Inc., we are always looking for individuals to join our growing team. If you enjoy being part of something greater than yourself, like to be recognized for the work you do, and have a career where you can realize your personal goals, you will discover that and more when you work with RISE Services, Inc. We have a wide range of positions open including physical and speech therapists, human resources positions, foster care supervisors, family support specialists, and many more. Be sure you’re prepared for your interview with us by following these tips.

How to Prepare for an Interview With RISE

Update Your Resume

Before you apply for a position with RISE Services, Inc., be sure to update your resume. It’s helpful for us to see the education and experience you have working with individuals with developmental disabilities. If you haven’t had much experience in this area, that’s fine, too. We’re also looking for team members who care about people and want to make a difference in other people’s lives.

Know Your Skills

When it comes to working with people, having compassion for others, practicing a hard work ethic, and offering polite and helpful customer service are very valuable skills to possess. When interviewing for a position, we want you to be aware of and share the various skills and abilities you’ve gained from attending college or while working at previous jobs. We want to hear about you; your talents, expertise, and capabilities in your specific job field as well as any you have learned from life experiences. 

Have an Open Mind

You may have an idea of what working at RISE Services, Inc. is like, but we still ask that you have an open mind. We are all about placing people in areas that suit them best, not simply filling an open job position. Our team will do their best to find a position that is ideal for you and those you serve. We also appreciate those who have a willingness to learn about RISE Services, Inc., especially how we support, interact with, and care for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Be Trainable

Having an open mind and being willing to learn is all about being trainable. Take the time to learn what the culture is like here at RISE Services, Inc. as well as what we value. Many who work with us have been here for years and they are more than familiar with their job duties and responsibilities. If you’re not sure how or why we perform our jobs a certain way, please don’t be afraid to ask.

Apply with RISE Today

Take the next step toward a fulfilling and rewarding career at RISE by checking out our available positions. Take a moment to watch this video to help you prepare for your interview, and then contact us or look through our various job openings to learn more. 

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