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How to Become a DSP at RISE

How to Become a DSP at RISE

At RISE, our mission is to provide vital services and support for people with disabilities. We’re currently hiring Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) at various locations and settings. If you’ve been looking for a way to impact your community in a meaningful way, becoming a DSP may be the right job for you.  

What Is a DSP?

A Direct Support Professional assists their members with daily living, hygiene, meal prep, mobility, and behavioral supports. The needs of the member will be unique to their situation and disabilities. These services can be performed in residential homes, in the client’s home, at day programs, and in other settings.   A DSP deeply cares about helping people and is passionate about providing optimal support so the client can thrive. Essentially, the right candidate should align with RISE’s mission to enrich the community and to provide critical support to those in need.  

What Does the Hiring Process Look Like?

The onboarding process for a DSP is fairly simple. After you look up the current job postings that are available in the area you desire to work, we’ll screen your application and interview you if you seem like a good fit. If you get hired, you will start out as a probationary hire. During your 30-day probationary period, you’ll undergo background checks, which you must pass to stay on our team. You must also complete the required training sessions for the position within 30 days or else you won’t become a full hire. Trainings are done both online and in-person and should be tackled consistently so you stay on track with the material. After you finish the 30-day period, you will be cleared to work as a DSP with RISE. Your adventure has just begun! If you want to explore the position of a DSP first-hand before applying for the job itself, consider applying for an internship in which you’ll be able to shadow a DSP and see them work in-person.  

The Value of a DSP

RISE depends on their DSPs to be their working hands and feet in the community. The face and name members associate with RISE is the one of their DSP, who is in the field helping them with diverse services. Through A DSP, a client can get help finding employment, basic care, residential services, and more. In fact, DSPs make it possible for RISE to reach so many people in the community and to make such a deep impact in the lives of our members. Without their smiles, encouragement, and human touch, help can seem automated. DSPs bring humanity to the support RISE provides as they visit the members who are in need. Being a DSP might not be for everyone. It takes patience, consistency, passion, selflessness, and plenty of drive to continue and pour into the lives of others. We encourage all our DSPs to not neglect self-care so that they will be refreshed and able to help others when they’re on duty.  

How to Apply

If you want to join our mission to create opportunities for and with people as a DSP, we encourage you to apply. To find out what openings we have in your area, explore our career center online today.