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The Importance of Supporting Services that Empower People with Disabilities

The importance of providing a wide range of quality services and programs to individuals living with disabilities and their families was reaffirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with its release of an infographic entitled, “Disability Impacts All of Us.” Their data reveals that:

  • 61 million adults in the United States live with a disability.
  • One in four, or 26 percent, of the adults in the United States lives with some type of disability.
  • Functional disability types for adults include mobility disability, cognitive disability, independent living disability, hearing disability, vision disability, and self-care disability.
  • Disability is especially common in older adults, women and minorities.

On another front, in January 2019 the University of New Hampshire’s Institute on Disability released its 2018 Annual Report On People With Disabilities in America. This report revealed that in 2017, only 35.5 percent of the population with disabilities, ages 18-64, were employed. In contrast, the employment-to-population ratio of people without disabilities was 76.5 percent, which is more than double that of people with disabilities.

RISE Services Empower People to Rise Up and Grow

Although some of these figures may seem daunting, the challenge of helping to create a more empowered life is one that RISE chooses to take on with courage and determination. We are dedicated to helping our clients, families, caregivers, support teams and communities find better and more efficient ways of creating lives of potential and possibility. Here are some of the many ways we support people with disabilities and their communities:

  • Independent Living: According to the CDC, 6.8 percent of people with a disability have an independent living disability. This is why we provide up to twenty-four hours of personal care in residential homes and traditional neighborhoods, for adults with disabilities who are able to live with some independence. Services provided might include learning opportunities, transportation, social activities, behavioral consultation, personal care, and personal budget counseling, as well as assistance with shopping, cooking and cleaning.
  • Employment: We believe everyone is employable and can live full and productive lives. We have an amazing team of professionals who help adults with disabilities find and sustain meaningful employment that fits the skills, preferences, and schedules of the people we serve. Our staff acts as an advocate for the adults we serve by working with local employers to find, or even create, suitable work. Every client receives a foundation of support during the entirety of their employment. Support may include increasing skills for successful employment, work preparation, one-to-one or small group support, on-the-job training, and advocacy during the course of their job.
  • Family and Caregiver Support: Meeting personal, caregiving, and everyday needs can be extremely challenging for family members who care for someone with a disability. This is why we offer crucial family support services such as our Parent Aide program in Arizona, Day Services in Utah, or Family Services in Oregon.

Through our many programs, RISE works to create stability and opportunity for children and adults. Your support in these efforts is greatly appreciated. Your donations help us continue our mission, expand our reach and start new programs. Contact RISE to learn about the wide variety of developmental services we offer to empower people with disabilities.