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May is National Family Wellness Month

May is National Family Wellness Month, and RISE Services, Inc. would like to encourage you and your family to celebrate your health together. Family wellness is about developing healthy lifestyles and habits that support each family member’s physical, mental, and emotional health. Let’s look at different ways to prioritize your family’s well-being that are fun and engaging for the entire family.

May is National Family Wellness Month

What Is Family Wellness Month?

Family Wellness Month is a health initiative that was launched to help families work together to improve their mental, physical, and emotional health. All families are unique and have varied habits, lifestyles, and traditions. The goal of Family Wellness Month is to support families in their journey toward health and wellness in different areas such as nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, and more. If you’re not sure where to begin, consider incorporating one or more of the healthy family ideas listed below.

Create Healthy Opportunities

A simple, yet effective method for encouraging your family to develop healthy habits is to create healthy opportunities. If your family is focusing on eating healthy, offer a variety of fruits and vegetables during meals or find some easy, healthy snacks you can make together with your children. Practice mindfulness techniques with your children in ways that are fun and interesting. Perform a simple Google search for “fun mindfulness activities for children” and you’ll find ideas like blowing bubbles, buddy breathing, and making stress balls.

Start a Family Wellness Bucket List

Are there some fun activities that your family has been wanting to try together? If so, turn them into a Family Wellness Bucket List. This is also a great way to avoid summer boredom when the kids are home from school. Make a list of summer activities in which each family member would like to participate, and then add them to your calendar. If you need some inspiration, consider flying kites, visiting farmers’ markets, hiking nearby trails, or kayaking in your local lake. 

Add Exercise to Your Family’s Routine

No matter if you have small children or teenagers or are empty-nesters, consider adding exercise to your family’s weekly schedule. With your family or partner, choose two or three days each week when you’ll focus on exercising as a family. Plan on taking a walk around the neighborhood one day and then swimming at the local community pool later in the week. Young kids may enjoy exploring the neighborhood and teenagers may join the family for some swimming fun as their schedules allow.

Compassionate Family Services

At RISE, we support families with our innovative and compassionate services including foster care, family support, children’s behavioral health, and after-school and summer programs. Contact us today to learn more about our growth opportunities for children, adults, and their families.

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