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Oregon Legislature Debating Legislation that Impacts People with Disabilities

The Oregon House and Senate are considering five new bills that impact the lives of people with disabilities:

1. Senate Bill 640

  • Requires Department of Human Services to assess support needs of each adult with developmental disability who is receiving comprehensive services and pay service rate to service provider that is sufficient to meet assessed support needs.
  • Requires department to reevaluate individualized written service plan at least every three years for adult with developmental disabilities receiving comprehensive services, or within 30 days after request for reevaluation by adult or adult’s service provider, guardian or legal representative if request is based on specified criteria. Declares emergency, effective on passage.
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2. House Bill 2898

  • Allows student with disability to earn credit at community college or public university as part of transition services.
  • Prohibits denying financial aid to student for sole reason that student did not receive regular high school diploma.
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3. Senate Bill 564

  • Gives adult with developmental disability receiving support services for adults option to remain in home placement as long as home placement is less costly than residential care facility.
  • Requires Department of Human Services to take into account cost of providing all services required by individualized written service plan in determining cost of placement. Requires department to assist individual in creating contingency plan for long term care and services. Declares emergency, effective on passage.
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4. Senate Bill 22

  • Removes references to Eastern Oregon Training Center and references to operation of state training center by Department of Human Services.
  • Prescribes rights of persons with developmental disabilities who are receiving developmental disability services from department. Requires department to promote dispute resolution procedures for individuals receiving developmental disability services. Authorizes department to contract with providers of developmental disability services. Declares emergency, effective on passage.
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5. House Bill 2013

  • Directs Early Learning Council and Department of Education to assist school districts in implementing process to assess children to determine their readiness for kindergarten.
  • Requires standardized screening and appropriate referral services for voluntary statewide early learning system. Expands assessments and services provided by Healthy Start Family Support Services programs to include children from zero through three years of age and their families. Directs Oregon Health Authority and Early Learning Council to work collaboratively with coordinated care organizations to meet specified goals related to prenatal care. Directs Oregon Health Authority and Early Learning Council to establish grant program to support effective and scalable strategies that align early learning systems and health systems for purpose of improving developmental outcomes for children zero through three years of age. Expands requirements for tiered quality rating and improvement system for child care. Requires that preschool child with disability have comprehensive plan for communication that allows child, by age of three years, to engage in expressive and receptive communication. Directs Early Learning Council to establish demonstration projects to foster creation of locally developed models of early learning service delivery. Appropriates moneys from General Fund to Early Learning Council for demonstration projects.
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