Richard Yazzie

I began receiving services from RISE in 1994. A few years later, I moved into the house that I share with my current roommates. I take great pride in being able to improve my life with the opportunity that RISE Services presents to myself and others, and I as a person with disability I represent yesterday’s opportunity, and today’s values services that RISE offers to me every single day of my life. I learned and still learning how to become more independent person with disability with the opportunity that RISE provides to me as a human being and not necessarily as a disabled person. I enjoy helping out the staff, and my housemates, and offers assistance to the ones who seem to need it the most. I like that the staff are helpful here, and the house is clean and comfortable. I’m learning to be more independent, and enjoy my two daytime jobs. I will say that my jobs help me to learn and to stay focused, that I enjoy having a library and hygiene goal to help me grow as an adult. The things I enjoy the most about RISE is that we get invited to participate in activities with other group homes, and sometimes get to go on trips. My favorite trips have been to the Navajo Nation, Texas, and Washington DC. I will also say that the office people and Somerset supervisor are also concerned and caring, and they come to visit sometimes to check on the consumers and the house. I know that I will again have to adapt to new and more complex challenges in the future. I m proud and happy to be a part of RISE!

Tracey Hildebrand

I like RISE because I have pretty staff. They take me swimming and play cards with me. They make me feel special and feed me good. I only want to live at RISE forever.

- Resident of RISE

Kimberly Ridener

I am fortunate to have a position within RISE that allows me to travel throughout the great state of Arizona. I have the opportunity to visit various programs and see many services RISE provides. I am proud to be a part of an organization that not only provides quality programs, homes and supports but also see the positive impact RISE makes in the individual’s and their families RISE supports.

Tevita and Marilee Tuifua

We have been professional parents with RISE since 2002 and have had three different children placed in our home. We have enjoyed being Professional Parents with RISE as it has been possible to keep these children in our homes longer then in a regular foster care program. We have had the privilege of keeping each child an average of about 5 years. I know many RISE families who have had the same child in their home for even longer than this. Each of these children has been in our home long enough to really feel like a part of our family and each of our children has also felt that we are their family. I have heard them say how happy they are to have so many people in their lives. We love this. We want these children to feel at home and loved. My husband and I both work full time and also have our biological children to raise, but this has never stopped us from being able to love even more children as with the RISE support team we have been able to accomplish opening our homes and hearts to many children. RISE has a wonderful after school program called AIMS and also an amazing group of advisors which make it possible for us to complete our work day before our RISE children come home. RISE provides us with a Coordinator to help us stay on task with the coordination of our child needs.

We have seen great growth in our biological children as they have learned to have compassion for individuals, who have special needs. They have learned to work hard, understand differences better than most children, and most of all to give and share with others. I have also seen the growth that has come to the RISE children as they have been in an environment where they are accepted and loved by a family, who wants the best for them. We know that as these children have left our home they have benefited from living with us.

We often become tearful in considering where these children would have been if they had not been with us. Our hearts have been full with gratitude that they have brought so much richness into our lives as well as we have brought richness into theirs. They belonged to us for the time they were with us and this is exactly where they needed to be. We are so grateful for these great life lessons and experiences which the RISE children have provided us with.

Bryant Figgins

We have been Professional parents going on 24 years. We have had the opportunity to have two children placed in our home through RISE Professional Parent Program. We have had the wonderful experience of raising these children to adulthood and see their life’s gain experiences and have opportunities they may never have had in any other type of situation

Marion and Holly Matua

I was asked to give some thoughts to share that would help prospective or new professional parents understand the job they are seeking to do. Honestly, the reason my wife Holly and I started doing foster care, was the extra income. I did research on many foster agencies and found RISE, Inc. the best fit.

We have been with RISE, Inc. for over 9 years. We started off as Respite Care family to see what foster care entitled and get experience. Once we felt comfortable we asked to be Professional Parents. We have fostered 2 young men and we currently have a young man staying with us. These young individuals that we have fostered come from different backgrounds. Each with their own set of problems where the State decided to remove them from their homes.

RISE, Inc. does a fantastic job matching the foster child with professional parents where the needs of the foster child can be met.

Foster care is no cake walk though. The saying it takes a village to raise a child is so true. RISE, Inc. has the foster child’s well being top on their list. With a “team” consisting of RISE Inc staff, such as Professional Parent coordinator, AIMS coordinator, behaviorist, therapist, psychiatrist, advisors, DCFS case manager (legal guardian) and professional parents we help the child to be successful. The young men we took in our home tried to manipulate, trick, and see what they could get away with. With the help of the team we made a plan that is structured to help them succeed. There were many bumps in the road that can set them back, but with the relationship and the rapport that we built between us, and the love we showed them, we were able to overcome them.

To see them reach their potential and succeed and progress in school, church, work, and other activities out weighs the bad. When our foster boys knew we loved them and cared for them, the relationship blossomed.

Our foster son Michael who is currently living with us, is a testimony of what RISE, Inc is about. Give them options to be successful. We have had Michael in our home since March of 2012 and the progress he has made is remarkable. He is attending Kearns High, playing on the varsity football team, attending church, making strides in AIM program, and soon to be looking for a job.

Working for RISE, Inc. as a professional parent has been a blessing. Not only did our foster son’s grow and be/become successful, we gained a sense of service, understanding, patience, and love. It’s rewarding as a “team” to see them succeed and move on to become adults.