We give the people we serve the opportunity to live the life they imagine for themselves.

RISE creates new and lasting opportunities for and with the people we serve, their families, and the men and women who work in direct care. We are a nonprofit agency that specializes in home and community-based services for children with mental health challenges, adults with developmental and other disabilities, and aging adults. Since 1987, we have been serving children, adults, and families in Utah. Our programs and services address the unique needs of our clients.

  • Assisting people with daily living activities
  • Teaching life skills
  • Meeting companionship needs
  • Providing assistance in the community
  • Supportive or customized employment
  • Day programs
  • After school programs
  • Foster parenting
  • Mental Health Clinic
  • Providing a stable family setting
  • Respite opportunities

RISE connects passionate people with those in need. We use a network of Direct Support Professionals to serve and support our clients. We also utilize behavioral counselors, therapists, and medical professionals throughout Utah to create and sustain healthy homes, families, and communities.

Day Services

We teach skills that lead to independent living.

RISE helps adults with developmental disabilities live full, productive, independent lives. We want the adults we serve to be able to work and live in a way that brings forth and celebrates their unique skills and desires. Through Day Services, we discover and foster their personal passions through expert guidance within a supportive community. Day Service programs have many purposes, ranging from helping adults develop skills they could use at work to finding creative hobbies and outlets through which they can better express who they are and what they care about.

Everything we offer is individually tailored to the needs, skills, and personality of our clients.

We take the time to learn about them. We help them discover what skills they have and how they might fit into a job or at home. Then, we help them apply those skills to every aspect of their lives. This is done in a safe and supportive setting through cooking classes, exercise, music, crafts, and other job and life-skills training programs. New skills create new opportunities. And creating opportunities for and with people is what we care about most. Adults do not need to be living in a RISE home to participate in any our Day Services and transportation can always be arranged or provided.

Employment Services

Oregon Employment Services

Everyone is employable and deserves the opportunity to carry out full and productive lives.

RISE creates job opportunities for and with people. We have an amazing team of professionals who help adults with disabilities find and sustain meaningful employment. We find employment that fits the skills, preferences, and schedule of the people we serve.

Supported Job Based Training

Adults with developmental disabilities sometimes need short-term support to find and be trained at a stable job. We quickly and effectively place and train our clients, then step away once we are confident they are able to handle the essential functions of the job. Supported Job Based Training is provided short-term funding through the Utah Office of Vocational Rehabilitation.

Supported Employment

Adults with more severe disabilities require hands-on, one-on-one, daily support at their jobs. They receive that support through our Support Employment program. The funding and support through this program is long-term and ongoing so adults are able to function and advance in integrated work settings.

Supported Work Independence Program

This program assists adults on the DSPD waiting list find and maintain employment, similar to our Supported Job Based Training program. We help clients find work then provide coaching for one to two years until they are confidently independent at work.

RISE Employment Specialists

Our network of passionate Employment Specialists can help adults with developmental disabilities through every step of the employment process. Employment Specialist help adults search for appropriate, meaningful work. They also help in resume creation, interview prep, and on-the-job coaching and support.

Customized Employment

Suitable employment for job seekers with complex lives rarely comes from newspaper want ads, job postings, online career ads, or signs in shop windows. The Customized Employment process is a flexible blend of strategies, services, and supports designed to increase employment options for job seekers with complex needs through voluntary negotiation of the employment relationship with an employer. We create a blueprint for the job search and the employment relationship is negotiated to meet the needs of both the job seeker and the employer.

Orientation and Training Assistance

When an adult with a developmental disability is hired, it is vital for a solid foundation to be set. During orientation and training at their new job, our Employment Specialists help clients understand and become confident in their job role as well as help with any necessary paperwork.

On-site Job Coaching

We promote work independence for the adults with which we work. On-site Job Coaching allows us to support clients at an appropriate level in the essential functions of their job. Once the employee and employer feel confident, Employee Specialists can significantly step back and employees can enjoy their independence at work.

Employer Incentives

We understand the perceived risk of hiring someone with a complex life situation. Certain incentives are available for employers who want to hire, train, and employ these employees. For instance, the On The Job Training program will reimburse up to half of the wages in the first six months to help alleviate the extra costs associated with training an adult with developmental disabilities. The Work Opportunity Tax Credit and Targeted Tax Credit offers yearly tax credits for employers who hire adults with developmental disabilities. The Felon Bonding Program offers fidelity bonding insurance coverage to individuals with criminal histories and other high-risk job applicants who are qualified but fail to get jobs because regular commercial bonding is denied due to their backgrounds.

Life Skills Restoration

Like our other employment programs, the Life Skills Restoration gives the opportunity for those we work with the find and maintain meaningful employment. Through Life Skills Restoration, we are also able to help adults with resume building, mock interview practice, social and communication skill building, public transportation training, personal hygiene, worksite acclimation, money management, diet and meal preparation, time management, relationship building and any other client specific needs that will help find and maintain meaningful long term employment.

Professional Parenting

Family Services

Growth and opportunity happens in a stable, loving family setting.

RISE creates stability and opportunity for children and adults. Adults and children with developmental disabilities live their best lives in a stable family setting. However, that setting does not always come easily. We provide programs, services, and support to help families and caretakers make a stable family setting possible. We adapt and cater to the support we offer to the specific needs of every individual and family we serve. And we have more experience delivering that support than any agency in Utah.

What is Respite Foster Care?

  • Respite is part-time, substitute foster care. Full-time Professional Parents may need to travel, or take some time away, this is when respite providers step in to help.
  • It is a paid position. Pay depends on the level of care the child requires, and the length of time respite care is needed.
  • Respite providers go through the same licensing, background, and vetting processes as full-time providers.
  • Respite providers can decide for themselves what level of care they are ready to handle.
  • It is a great way to help a child in need, without having to commit to a full-time position.
  • Potential providers must be 21 years of age
  • Potential providers must be able to pass a criminal background screening.
  • If interested, please contact Schon Nielsen, Professional Parent Recruiter at 801.676.8926 or at schonn@riseservicesinc.org.

Behavioral Support

RISE evaluates, manages, and prevents challenging behavior. Understanding challenging or problem behaviors is the first step towards managing and even eliminating them. We work with families and teachers to develop plans and strategies for how to prevent and manage problem behaviors. After the assessment is done and the plan is built, our professionals train families, teachers, and caretakers to implement proactive strategies and crisis intervention techniques.

Professional Parenting

We believe children should live in family settings, regardless of the complexities of their needs. Unfortunately, some children in State custody are unable to live with their families. We provide fully licensed, loving and supportive homes through our Professional Parenting program for these children. The RISE Professional Parent Program has consistently demonstrated its ability to support any child, regardless of difficulty, in a family setting. And our services can be increased or decreased seamlessly, without the disruption of moving the child from the home. Our Professional Parents are highly skilled and receive regular and annual training including behavioral and therapeutic training and supports to assist them with their role.

Host Homes

Many adults with developmental disabilities are able to live with relative independence. But, it is often very helpful to have the steady care and support of a host home. Host homes are inspected and licensed by RISE and offer semi-independent living arrangements in a home setting. With the host home program, we are able to adjust services without the disruption of moving the adult from the home.

After School and Summer Programs

Children with developmental disabilities or mental health diagnosis deserve a chance to play in a safe and educational environment. Our after school and summer programs give children the opportunity to enjoy recreational activities that include skill development and behavior modification in a safe settings with a high staff-to-child ratio. After school and during the summer months, we offer structured programs focused on positive behavioral supports and behavior plans developed and directed by our Master’s level behavioral team. These are run by a highly skilled and credentialed team, including a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.


FFTARISE Services is proud to be a member of the Family Focused Treatment Association (FFTA). Read more about the FFTA at www.ffta.org

Residential Services

For adults with disabilities, growth and opportunity begins with a stable, caring home.

We provide residential homes in traditional neighborhoods for adults with disabilities. Our homes are built on compassionate care and skilled support. At RISE, we have a philosophy of care centered around each person’s individual needs. The residents of a RISE home choose their own daily routines, living arrangements, and level of assistance. An inability to receive outside funding or a position on a waiting list should not be a deterrent from receiving services that would enhance the life of someone in your family.

Latitude - Independent Living

Latitude is designed to increase the quality of life of adults with disabilities who are waiting for or are unable to receive funding through the Utah Division of Services for People with Disabilities. Clients pay a monthly fee for the services we provide with their Social Security benefits. Services include menu planning, bus training, budgeting, shopping, job maintenance, housing search, roommate meetings, and group activities.

Senior Respite Services

We understand the time and attention required to provide constant care for a child or adult with a disability. That is why we offer respite care. A caring, trained Direct Support Professional assists with temporary care while caregivers have a chance to rest, relax, and physical and mentally renew. Respite care is offered weekdays, evenings, and weekends.

Supported Living

RISE gives adults with disabilities the opportunity to live full, independent lives. Our Supported Living program serves every aspect of our clients’ lives. Supported Living services include meeting fundamental needs like housekeeping, medical assistance, transporting, and budgeting skills. RISE Supported Living staff go beyond basic needs by also serving as mentors to our clients. With our help, clients go into the community and learn social skills in order to develop and build relationships outside of their homes and enhance their quality of life.

Residential and Group Homes

We provide residential homes in traditional neighborhoods for adults with disabilities. Our homes are built on compassionate care and skilled support. At RISE, we have a philosophy of care centered around each person’s individual needs. The residents of a RISE home choose their own daily routines, living arrangements, and level of assistance. Our independence living homes offer up to twenty-four hours of personal care for adults disabilities who are able to live with some independence. We offer many services based on each person’s needs.

  • Learning opportunities
  • Transportation & social activities to connect with friends
  • Behavior consultation
  • Personal care
  • Personal budget assistance
  • Grocery shopping
  • Cooking & cleaning

RISE group homes offer comprehensive, around-the-clock care for two to five adults in a group setting. Those who are best served by a group home setting are adults who require intensive support and a high level of structure and guidance. Many of our group home residents have been diagnosed with a developmental disability as well as one or more mental health disorders. We design our group home setting around each person’s needs rather than trying to force a predetermined solution. We learn each person’s needs, preferences, and background before moving into a group home to make sure the transition is smooth and successful.

We offer many services, check them out!

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