Kara’s Success Story

In January of 2016 RISE began its long term job coaching program. Kara was the first client to receive this service. Kara is a teacher’s aide at the ASPCU Children’s Center. She was in danger of losing a job she’d had for 11 years when RISE stepped in. When asked about the experience Kara said:

“I like my job because I enjoy the kids, they’re so cute and they give me hugs.”

She went on to say that her job coaches help her know what to do and help her get better at her job. She also stated that it’s important to her to have a job because she loves it so much and she teaches the kids important things.

The Director of the Center, Kim Allen gave this testimonial:

“Kara is the second longest running employee at the center and she was having difficulties for various reasons. She was getting frustrated with her duties and we needed help. We are so grateful to have RISE here to job coach because it’s important to us to build an environment of inclusion. The children benefit from being around people that are different from them because they learn what the whole of humanity is like and that helps them grow as people. The children and the student teachers love, respect, and listen to Kara. The whole experience has been a win-win for the center, the children, Kara, as well as her parents who couldn’t have dreamed of their child holding a job for this long before these services existed. You don’t know how important this is to us. The job coaches are so involved and they model behavior that Kara readily emulates. The job coaches are guardian angels for us all and Kara thrives.”

Job Role: Teachers Aide