Latitude is a program dedicated to increasing the quality of life for adults with disabilities. This program was brought together by a parent group who could not get DSPD funding for their children. Many participants in the Latitude Program have been on the DSPD waiting list for several years. This program was designed to be paid for by the individuals’ social security benefits. The clients pay the monthly fee for the services we provide which include: menu planning, bus training, budgeting, shopping, job maintenance, housing search, roommate meetings, and group activities.
Latitude has also caught the eye of individuals who currently have DSPD funding and we are now beginning to serve them in this program as well.

This program is run by both parent advocates and Latitude representatives who are very keen on tailoring supports to meet individuals’ needs. Please contact a Latitude representative today to hear more about Latitude in your area.

For more information, call: 801-274-3447