Legacy specializes in the acquisition and management of residential and commercial properties in the Western US. Legacy uses in-house leasing agents and a network of local brokers to identify and lease or purchase properties for its clients. Our team assists in all aspects of underwriting, due diligence, and closing processes.

Legacy manages a portfolio of more than 100 properties across several states. Our professionals manage tenant landlord relationships, own and operate properties, and facilitate all necessary repairs and maintenance. Our network of preferred facility vendors ensures that our clients receive the best maintenance service and pricing. We also handle property dispositions and construction management.

At Legacy, our goal is to create long term value for our clients, and allow them to focus on the core purpose and mission of their organization.


  • 24 hour facility repair/maintenance service
  • Site search and selection
  • Contract negotiations
  • Manage landlord tenant relations
  • Asset purchasing
  • Vendor management