Residential Homes

RISE offers residential homes in traditional neighborhoods & communities with up to 24-hours of individualized support for adults with disabilities.  For many, opportunities begin in a home. A place where there is compassionate care and skilled support. RISE strongly believes in a person-centered philosophy which provides personal choice and immeasurable opportunities for quality of life. Individuals living in a RISE residential home decide their own daily routines, living arrangements and assistance. A RISE residential home is a place in the world where hearts can rest and possibilities begin.

Supports may include:

  • Learning opportunities
  • Transportation & social activities to connect with friends
  • Behavior consultation
  • Personal care
  • Personal budget assistance
  • Grocery shopping
  • Cooking & cleaning

If you would like additional information on the availability in our Residential Homes across the state of Arizona please call 480-497-1889.